New Yahoo Homepage is Annoying

I had to write this article after a few months of using the new Yahoo! homepage. has been my homepage for as long as I can remember, and recently Yahoo introduced its newest revision of the most popular homepage on the web. I have to say they got some of the user experience wrong.

I think my biggest problem with the new yahoo homepage is the left menu navigation. Users of the previous version of Yahoo’s homepage will remember that they were just simple links into the category or section of Yahoo you were interested in. Now, upon rolling your mouse over the links, you are presented with a expanded window of additional information. It becomes annoying when browsing front page new stories on Yahoo.

The issue is most evident when browsing through news stories on the home page. If you click on a news story, read it, then click the back button in your browser to go back to the home page, when you scroll your mouse back down to the news section to click on another story, if you happen to roll over the left menu now, you get one of those expanded view boxes that pop open and block the screen.

An example of the expanded menu experience of the Yahoo Homepage.

An example of the expanded menu experience of the Yahoo Homepage.

As an alternative, you can turn off the left navigation of the Yahoo homepage by clicking the ‘page options’ link and selecting “Switch to Compact View”. This is fine, but I actually like the links on the left, just not the expanded menus that are forced upon me. The compact view goes back to something more resembling the old Yahoo homepage, but its almost like there are miles of difference between the 2 versions. I wish there were a third, middle-of-the-road version that would allow for some hybridization of the two versions.

Update: It appears that Yahoo has listened to all the complaints. They have updated the menus to now allow you to click before they expand.

2 thoughts on “New Yahoo Homepage is Annoying

  1. AJ

    I couldn’t agree more. Even though I liked the old Yahoo page i like innovation. Things should b changed only for the better. This new Yahoo page is so annoying. Drives me nuts every time the left menu expands by mouse over. At least make it to expand when you click.

  2. Nick

    I am one who gets excited about new technology and discovering what new things will be discovered and made available, but YAHOO you got it wrong this time. I’ve been trying to get used to your new format, and today I think I will have to search for anew home page. Who ever at Yahoo made this decision ought to be worried for their job. Cuz this sucks

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