Network Solutions reinvents itself….sort of.

Today Network Solutions launched a preview of it’s reinvented branding and service offerings. If you have been around the internet long enough, you’ll remember Network Solutions was one of the first major domain registrars to come along and offer the ability to own your own piece of internet real estate in the form of a domain name. Back then, paying $35 for a domain name seemed appropriate for what you were buying, and people were more than willing to plop down the dough.

Fast forward to today and Network Solutions, with its $34.99/year domain name registration price now lingers behind other newer domain registrars like GoDaddy who sell domains for $6-$8. GoDaddy now owns some 31% of the market, while Network Solutions lingers in 4th place with about 6%. Any businessman with any common sense would tell you that Network Solutions needs to lower its prices to compete with GoDaddy, but so far it appears that isn’t in the works. Their preview site offers nothing in regards to price change, so it leaves you to wonder if they are trying to put a new coat of paint on an old clunker.

Maybe they are hoping that their new look will help you forget about the front running scandal from last year.

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